Traceable Asset Identification

SelectaLabel for your Assets

Our asset & security labels provide a low cost and secure way to keep track of your valuable assets. We offer a wide range of labels to suit all requirements and security levels.

Our TESA tamper-resistant security labels are the most secure self-adhesive label on the market and can be used for asset tagging, vehicle marking and security seals.

Asset & Security Label Types

Applicable Sectors

SelectaLabel is suitable for use as:
Commercial, Business & Office Labels
Education Labels
Hospital & Healthcare Labels
Government & Local Authority Labels
Law Enforcement Organisation Labels
Construction Industry Labels


Are asset labels easy to apply?

How Do I Use Asset Labels?

Applying an asset label to an item will vary depending on which type of label you use.

In general, you need to decide on the best part to place the label on your item. It needs to be easily viewed or access with a barcode scanner. Keep in mind, it’s important the surface of your chosen area is clean, free from grease/dirt and cleaning agents.

To apply, simply peel off the back and place the label on the item (be extra careful if the label is tamper-resistant). The label’s glue will fully adhere after around 48 hours.

What kind of products can I use it on?

Which Items Can I Mark?

When you choose which items to place the asset labels on, take a common sense approach and apply labels to the items which are most likely to be stolen because of their value. Asset labels do not only act as a deterrent to thieves, but they can also help in recovering any stolen goods. Knowing which items to apply the labels to and which not to allows you to effectively apply your asset labels.

What Not To Mark

Consumable products and immovable objects are items you should not apply asset labels to, as well as any low-value items. A label should not be applied to an item like an antique or fine art because it may adversely affect the value of the piece even if it does prevent it from being stolen. (Use our SelectaDNA Fine Art and Jewellery Kit for forensically marking valuable antiques, fine art and jewellery. Kit details may be found here: SelectaDNA Fine Art and Jewellery | SelectaDNA

How can I manage my assets?

Taking Stock

Asset labels are mainly used for theft deterrent but they also have another important use especially for warehouse-style environments. It allows you to take stock of your products.


Asset labels are extremely accurate in keeping tabs on all your stock items. It is important for you to choose which labels are most suitable to apply depending on the environment your items are in. For example, if your items are mostly outdoor then you would need to choose a type of label that is most suited for outdoor conditions. The same applies for the indoor environment.

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