Police & Crime Prevention Bureau

Police forces in many countries recommend permanent visible marking of property as a cost-effective deterrent against theft.

The CRIME PREVENTION BUREAU (‘CPB’) of the Hong Kong Police Force recommends that individuals, schools, universities, hospitals, government departments and public and private companies apply permanent visible marking to identify their property, deter theft and assist the police in identifying and recovering property that has been stolen.

In fact, all IT equipment throughout the Hong Kong Police Force is marked using our Selectamark system! (As indeed is the equipment of a number of other Government Departments).

The CPB, Police Regional Crime Prevention Units and various Police formations regularly hold seminars and exhibitions to promote the concept of security to all types of individuals and organisations. Property marking features prominently at such anti-crime initiatives and Selectamark (Hong Kong) Ltd supports the Police effort by mounting product displays and demonstrations at such events.

To download a PDF format copy of the CPB Property Marking Leaflet in English or Chinese, please click on the following: