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An industry leading, cloud-based solution will help you manage your fixed asset registers of IT and other equipment.

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If you're a busy facilities manager, you're probably familiar with the process of creating fixed asset registers of your equipment. Such as PCs, laptops, tablets, projectors, printers, tools and machinery.

Constantly inputting information into vast excel spreadsheets to ensure they're up to date is heavily time-consuming and resource spending. We created a 3-step solution to help streamline the process of fixed asset management and save your valuable time.


Create your online account


Label your equipment


Input and manage your equipment online


Access Everywhere

Our cloud-based solution means that you can manage your assets from anywhere

Responsive Layout

Asset Register is optimised to work seamlessly on all devices

Powerful Search

Fast and accurate searching means your assets are always easy to find

Custom Fields

Take control of your asset list by creating custom fields to store the data you really need

In-depth Reporting

Get pre-defined or completely custom reports detailing the whereabouts of your assets

Import your data

Get started quickly by importing your existing data directly via spreadsheet upload

Data Security

Data Encryption

All data between your computer and our server is SSL encrypted, so your data is safe in transit.

EU Data Store

All of your data is stored in EU-based data centres, so your data is also secure at rest.

ISO 27001 Certified

Not only is our data centre ISO 27001 certified, but we are too. This means we have strict controls to manage our information security and your data.

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