DNA Intruder Spray

SelectaDNA Intruder Spray is the ultimate commercial burglary and robbery deterrent and an ideal way for businesses, banks, gold and jewellery retailers, luxury brand retailers, other retailers, schools, colleges, universities and government buildings and other premises to protect their staff, students, valuable stock and assets. SelectaDNA Intruder Spray can be linked to intruder alarm systems, or installed as a stand-alone system activated by a panic button. Once triggered SelectaDNA Intruder Spray will soak intruders in a solution containing a unique DNA code and UV tracer.

SelectaDNA Fixed Intruder Spray System

The SelectaDNA Fixed Intruder Spray System can be integrated into your existing security system to offer an additional powerful deterrent to potential offenders.

Installation and promotion of the SelectaDNA Spray will keep your employees, property and assets safe from robberies and out-of-hours attacks.

SelectaDNA Portable Intruder Spray System

The NEW SelectaDNA Portable Intruder Spray System is the ideal theft deterrent for cargo, high value goods in transit and tools and equipment in static containers on building sites.

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