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Selectamark (Hong Kong) Limited is a leading supplier of property marking, forensic coding and asset identification solutions which deter theft and aid recovery of stolen property

In use since 1985, the Selectamark system has now marked over 17 million items. The Selectamark systems are patented and distributed world-wide. On this site you will find details of the standard Selectamark permanent marking system utilizing punched stencils and Marking Compounds, together with descriptions of other security marking and asset ID products.

Our business has grown over the years because we pride ourselves on top quality products, the best customer service and exceptional value. In fact, repeat business is growing as more and more satisfied customers return to us year after year.

Every year theft and crime prevention costs industry millions of dollars. Permanent security marking is highly recommended by the Crime Prevention Bureau of the Hong Kong Police Force as a simple, low cost and highly effective theft deterrent. Permanently marked property is of little interest to thieves as it is virtually impossible to sell. In addition, if stolen, the property is easily identifiable giving a very good chance of recovery. Selectamark is ideal for use on most IT and office equipment, as well as motor vehicles, motorcycles, bicycles, marine craft, plant and machinery – you name it!

Many Insurance companies actively recommend the Selectamark system to their policyholders. Some Insurance companies even make it a condition of insurance cover and security marking also forms a part of many police and crime prevention initiatives.

If you require a more sophisticated system, we offer ‘Supermark’ – a tamper-resist label combined with our original marking system. Other asset ID options include plain tamper-resist labels and PVC labels – both available with barcodes as an optional extra..

In October 2004, Selectamark launched SelectaDNA – the first true DNA security system in the Property Marking field. The product can mark any item of value to uniquely identify it by using synthetic DNA which cannot be analysed or copied by unauthorised parties.

In early 2013, Selectamark introduced a new Selectamark Metal Etch Fluid. As with our other Marking Compounds, this is used together with our Stencils and Supermark Tamper-Resistant Labels to apply a unique ID mark to metal surfaces.

How many stencils/labels do I need?

Each stencil or label can only be used once and therefore you need one stencil or label for each item.

How many markings should I get from a tube of Marking Compound?

We normally calculate 20 markings per tube. However it does depend on the length of the stencil and size of punched characters – and you following the instructions correctly! So we will calculate and supply the appropriate amount of Compound for each order.

Why is the tube only half full?

So that when opened the compound does not spill onto your fingers.

How long will the stencil be?

This depends on the message, as well as the characters used. Some letters are wider than others and of course the length will vary according to size (5mm, 6mm or 7mm) of punched characters chosen. As a guide, a stencil of 12 x 7mm characters will be approximately 8cm long.

How long does the marking take to carry out?

Each marking takes approximately 30 seconds. If you are marking several items at once, then 5 should take around one and a half minutes.   (NOTE:  when marking metal surfaces using our new Metal Etch Fluid, the fluid must be left on for around 5 to 6 minutes. However you can mark a number of items at one time, which greatly reduces the overall time required).

How quickly can we receive the stencils and labels?

Orders for Stencils will be delivered to you within approx 14 working days. Supermark One (pre-printed) labels will also be delivered to you within approx 14 working days. Supermark Two labels are custom-printed and will be delivered to you approx 3 to 4 weeks from date of approval of the artwork.

Which compound do I need?

The blue Compound is the most popular. This will mark most plastics, baked paint, plastic coating, wood and leather. If any of the surfaces to be marked are black, we can supply you with White Marking Compound for these. There are different Compounds for marking Aluminium, Other Metals and Glass surfaces (method of application is similar).

How long will the compound keep?

Unopened, the compound has a shelf life of around one year. Once opened, the compound should last several months provided it is kept in a cool place and out of direct sunlight.

Is compound included in the price of Selectamark Stencils and Supermark Labels?

Yes, we will supply the appropriate quantity of each type of Compound you require.

Which compound do I need?

P+P is included in the stencil/label pricing. Orders are normally shipped from our UK workshop by airmail, however larger orders may be sent by courier service. (At customer’s request, urgently required orders can also be sent by courier irrespective of quantity, however an additional charge may be quoted for this).

What is the maximum number of punched characters available per line?

For stencils – one or two lines, each of 20 characters. For Supermark labels, number of characters depends upon size of punched characters:-

4mm size – up to 18 characters                            5mm size – up to 16 characters
6mm size – up to 13 characters                            7mm size – up to 11 characters

NOTE: Supermark One 21 x 85mm label can have only one line of punched characters, while 30 x 85mm label can have one or two lines of punched characters.

We recommend punching less characters as this makes the mark faster to apply and easier to fit on the item you are marking.

If we have stencils or labels left over from a previous order but the Compound has dried out, can we order more Compound?

Yes. Cost is HKD90 per tube for tubed Compounds (including Metal Etch Fluid) and HKD180 per bottle of White Compound (marks twice as much as a tube).

Do any of the marking compounds mark metals?

Our Metal Etch Fluid marks uncoated metal surfaces such as 304 brushed stainless, mild steel, tin-coated mild steel, pre galvanised mild steel, 304 stainless steel, aluminium, zintec, brass and copper. There is also a dedicated Aluminium Marking Compound which is used solely for etching uncoated aluminium surfaces.
NOTE:  These fluids will only mark bare (uncoated) metal surfaces. Metal surfaces that are coated with a baked-paint finish can be marked using our Plastic Marking Compound.

Will the blue compound mark dark pieces of equipment?

All the plastic marking compounds etch into the surface of the item – making them visible. However, the White compound will show up more clearly on black items. Please note however that the White Compound is not as strong as the Blue Compound and may therefore not make as deep an etch on some surfaces.

What are your payment terms?

Our Invoice will be forwarded to you together with the marking kit and payment is due upon presentation. Please pass the Invoice to your accounts department for processing upon receipt.

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