SelectaDNA Defence Spray DNA Aerosol Replacement

A replacement aerosol for use with the SelectaDNA Defence Spray Kit.

Brand: SelectaDNA

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Each aerosol lasts for fourteen 0.5 second spray bursts, which is sufficient time to mark criminals with a solution of unique DNA code and UV marker which irrefutably links them to the crime scene.

Keeping a replacement to hand ensures security officials and staff are always fully equipped to prevent abuse and combat crime. With a replacement aerosol to hand, potential offenders never have a window of increased opportunity to harm your staff or damage your property.

Essential training is provided to all using the spray kit and the product is only available to accredited organisations whose users have gone through the training course provided by Selectamark Security Systems. Please contact us on +(852) 2519 4356 or email for more information.


Reduce the risk of personal attack with the SelectaDNA Defence Kit

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A highly visible component of the SelectaDNA Defence Spray Kit

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Used in training, simulations and checks on the SelectaDNA defence spray kit.

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