SuperMark Label

Supermark One

Supermark One labels have ‘PERMANENT MARKED PROPERTY’ printed on them in red and are punched with your customised message: company name, sequential numbering, etc. You simply apply the labels yourself, to be left with a smart, tamper resistant security mark which has a permanent chemical marking underneath – a quick, simple, low cost deterrent.

We can supply a range of chemicals to mark plastic and baked painted surfaces, wood, a range of metals, aluminium and glass.

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Supermark Two

Supermark Two labels are custom printed and can be printed in full colour with the company name and logo in the correct pantone colours etc. We can customise these labels to your exact specification – even with a printed asset number with barcode if required.

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SelectaMark Stencils

The original chemical etching system developed by the Royal Institute and patented in 1984, but still as popular as ever

Supermark Classic Labels

Supermark is the ultimate solution in asset identification and security marking, combining the Selectamark marking system with a tamper resistant label.

LogoMark Stencils

The latest laser technology enables us to offer organisation logos, and specific fonts to permanently mark your equipment.

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As Supermark Two costs vary greatly according to the size and format of the label and the quantity required, we can only give you a specific quotation once we know your exact requirements. Please click the button below to contact us or give us a ring at +66 .

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