Selectamark Stencils

The Selectamark Stencil permanent marking system has been used to mark millions of items over the years. It is quick and easy to use and gives a neat, professional mark

Think how much money you have invested in IT, A/V and office equipment. Then consider that it costs only a few dollars per item to safeguard your property with the Selectamark Stencil permanent marking system.

We produce individual stencils with the ID mark of your choice (most companies/organizations use their company/org name or initials). You use each stencil only once, so you will need one for every item you wish to mark. 

The ID mark may be on one or two lines. You can also add a sequential number on the stencils for asset identification/management if you so wish (see sample below).

As well as our original 7mm (height) characters we can now produce stencils with 4mm, 5mm or 6mm high characters. These may be more convenient for smaller items such as PDAs and digital cameras.

We have formulated unique compounds to mark a variety of materials. Your chosen chemical permeates through the holes of the stencil into the item to be marked, leaving a permanent record of ownership.

The Marking Compounds are suitable for the following:


The plastic compound is available in blue or white and will also mark baked paint surfaces, enamel, wood, and fabrics. This compound is ideal for virtually any office equipment. The blue compound is recommended for nearly all applications; however, for any black items, the white can be used.


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The aluminium compound is effective on bare or anodised aluminium and its alloys, but not on other metals. It is ideal for a host of industrial products.


Can mark glass and ceramics. Car windows can be etched with the vehicle registration number or VIN number.

Marking Kit Contents

Each pack comes complete with:

– Personalised Stencils

– Marking Compound (approx 1 tube per 20 stencils)

– Application Spatulas (plastic spreaders)

– Application Instructions

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