LogoMark Stencils

The latest laser technology enables us to offer more complicated logos and lettering to permanently mark your equipment. For those companies or establishments with recognisable logos or logos with legible text, Logomark provides a highly professional and attractive marking.

When you supply us with your artwork we can then provide you with details of how the marking will appear. The stencils are made with bridges across the letters to form the stencils.

Examples of Logomark

All logos shown are for product sample purpose and are the property of the respective company / organization. Their reproduction herein is not intended to give any inference express or implied of endrosement of the product by that company or organization.

Protect Your Assets

As Logomark costs vary according to the size and format of the label and the quantity required, we can only give you a specific quotation once we know your exact requirements.

All you need to do is email sales@selectamark.com.hk with your logo and specify what other information you require on the stencils. We will then send you an image of how the Logomark will appear on your equipment, together with a quotation.

Once you are happy with the layout, we can proceed with the production of your Logomark stencils.

Please note a sequential number can be added to Logomark stencils, for asset identification and management purposes.

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